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Live: www.trumptonshire.com   Client: Gordon Murray (Trumptonshire) LTD

The Trumptonshire web application is a fully responsive HTML5 environment that allows the user to choose one of 5 characters (and vehicles) to explore the locations from the original 1966 BBC TV series: Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley. To achieve this, the background images of the scene are layered on top of each other and move from side to side within their div elements at differing speeds creating a feeling of 3 dimensional depth also known as the parallax effect. The user can control this with the stop / start and direction buttons which call jQuery functions that control the animation.

Mollie King

Live: www.mollieking.com   Client: Fascination Management

Mollie King (from The Saturdays) needed a Fashion and Travel blog that was easy to update with pictures from the numerous events she attends. In partnership graphic designer Kate Margolis @ RDD Design we used API’s to hook up Instagram, Spotify and Facebook so updating the site is quick and easy for either Mollie or management team at Fascination to do – even from their phones or tablets when they are on the move: which being superstars they are a lot…!

Avrillo Solicitors

Live: www.avrillo.co.uk   Client: Re.fresch

The Avrillo website is a “6 state” responsive website that utilises the CodeIgniter © MVC framework in combination with a WordPress © CMS, and delivers an easily extendable, SEO-optimised link structure within a UI that is familiar to the client for editing and updating. In fact, there is very little the Avrillo team can’t edit with the option to move whole chunks of content between pages, upload pdf to the “Downloads and Guides” section, add blog articles or extend the Avrillo “Guide to Conveyancing” – actually a mash up of the wordpress categories functionality.

Clare Fisher Art

Illustrator Clare Fisher approached us to launch a portfolio website of her illustrations and creative work. With some previous experience of wordpress this seemed like the obvious choice and Clare is now able to edit on her staging server and, having shown her how to add posts and edit pictures, is able to push her changes to the live server when she is happy. With a minimalist approach, extra care was taken to get maximum graphic impact from the various UI e.g. the contact form and the social media icons – creating a fun archive of her work up to this point as well as a calling card for freelance work in the future.

Selfcare Library

The Selfcare Library is an evidence based database of health information about a range of common conditions presented as both a website and printed material (with an iOS application planned for later this year). A key part of the user experience is the Selfcare Pathway: a series of questions that creates a profile of the user’s lifestyle and what specific type of treatments might be useful to their particular situation. To this end a bespoke (MySQL) database was created that handle all elements of content, related evidence, user feedback and an XML feed to populate InDesign templates for quick turn around on the SCL’s printed material.

Focus21 Microsite

Focus 21 deliver cutting edge, innovative events providing a wide variety of production services with the broader aim of taking the pressure off event managers, co-ordinators and private clients. They to offer a personalised service and deliver creative and memorable events across all industries. This microsite delivers live video demonstrations of recent events they have hosted and gives an overview of what they do.

Professor David Peters

Professor David Peters of the University of Westminster wanted a website to publicise his practice in Harley Street, his methodology and processes, an archive of his publications and a secure contact form for those looking to book an appointment. We arranged a photographer and then deployed a responsive (bootstrap.js) frontend framework with CMS solution WordPress to manage the archive and front end content. Due to his busy schedule we also provide editorial service where we add the content to the website ongoing.

Peak Miles

Remit to transfer wireframe (PSD) to responsive HTML / CSS including delivery of search engine friendly graphic content, sourcing (and deployment) of relevant font licences, suggestion (and subsequent delivery of) technical modifications to e.g. FAQ page to allow better navigation and presentation (jQuery), and overall best practice regarding optimised delivery of graphic and web content. Once signed off by the creative director the front end code was then incorporated into an existing MVC (phpFuel) with controllers designed to create an intelligent URL structure to further aid SEO. Once completed I actioned a final batch of client-requested changes before the site was put live.

Adobe Live

Adobe broadcast a series of live seminars to promote the launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud software release that highlighted new features and workflows with a live question and answer session at the end of each presentation. In combination with a jwPlayer video player for the live feed the page used a node.js powered chat room to allow logged in users to pose questions which the host could answer in real time using a modified UI. It was our remit to program and maintain this in addition to full testing of all components across all platforms and browsers IE7+


Fishy the Fish

ESCOP Herb Library

The ESCOP Herb Reference application give information on the medicinal use of an index of herbs. The content is updated dynamically by XML (packaged as a 7zip file) and can be edited in real time by the admin team. Whether they need to add / edit content, upload pictures (with cropper), or edit the peripheral content, this can all be done via a bespoke CMS. The second version of the app release early 2014 included multi-language capabilities and the ESCOP team can add a whole new language translation that will be added to the app with no need to update in the app store.

Fishy the Fish

iOS game written using Objective C, Cocos2d & Chipmunk Physics libraries, SpaceManager and CocosDenshion. v1.1 released recently for iPhone with iPhone 5 support. It has an overall 4* rating with users and has sold copies in over 100 different territories since release in December 2012. With the exception of the graphic design of the characters I developed all aspects of the game including the music and audio effects and took the app the whole way through the app store submission process.

Selfcare Library iPad Application

With backing from the University of Westminster and the Department of Health, the Selfcare Library publishes information about a range of common conditions (e.g. headaches, stress and fatigue) and includes evidence-based treatment options that may help to support a more modern medical approach. Similar to the ESCOP project, the bespoke CMS provides content to both the website and iOS applications, in addition to dynamic XML being used to populate Adobe InDesign templates allowing printed material and PDF to be created both cost-effectively and with the most up-to-date versions of the content.


Every single calculator ever manufactured has, at one point or another, been turned upside down so it says “bollocks”. Swearify takes this a step further and allows you to create your own swear phrases with an infinite amount of combinations. Its absolutely hysterical, something we made by mistake, very useful during a recession and something we absolutely can not wait to release later this year.


“The Pobbles” is a 3 level demo game for iPad. Initial development was in Blender to create the characters which are 2 mesh balls, coloured pink and then given 2 small eyes. Once animated this method offers a quick way to create the poses and angles needed for the main character. The baddies were supplied by graphic designer Jack Lightfoot. The concept of the game is simple with a Pobble simply needing to travel from the left of the screen to the right avoiding an assortment of baddies along the way. A general concept is that it is very hard to start with but then easy once you know how.


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